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Dec 21, 2013

In the months since Francois and I returned from our last visit to John of God, I have been deeply inspired to renew my relationship with Holy Spirit. As a result, I recently noticed that some old beliefs about God were holding me back from experiencing the Divine in a more expansive way. As I began to take steps to release this old energy, I was guided to attend a retreat with two men who have committed their lives to the service of God. One is Dana Duryea, executive director of The Foundation for Spiritual Development where I have studied for many years, and the other is Rev. Paul Funsfinn, leader of Celebrating Life Ministeries and spiritual successor to Rev. Ron Roth. I attended a day-long retreat with them in which Holy Spirit was invited into the room, and as the day progressed, childhood memories began to surface of a time when I could feel God much more strongly than I do now. In the retreat, I remembered directly experiencing God as a blast of pure Love and Joy that is beyond description. It was a powerful experience of knowing Holy Spirit that I had forgotten as I grew older.

Memories surfaced of being a young child and attending church with my parents. I would get very frustrated on these outings because I did not feel God in this music nor in this place that was supposed to be holy. I felt as though my longing for God was going unheeded because I could not find that connection in church, which was supposed to be the place for God. As a small child, I did not understand what was happening, and like so many of us I coped by suppressing my connection and forgetting my longing for God. At the retreat, I realized that I had developed anger towards God at that time for seeming to disappear. I saw how I had tried to quench that longing in my teens and twenties with things like relationships, music, shopping, drinking, exercise, food – anything that I thought might make me feel good. But it was never enough. I re-discovered that connection when I reconnected to my path of spiritual growth in my late twenties. The insights and healing I received on this retreat reignited my quest to know God in a new way.

Another experience of Holy Spirit came several weeks ago, when my superhero husband Francois and I heard about a miracle healer named Sara O’Meara. She conducts her healing work at The Little Chapel in Paradise Valley, Arizona and is known to facilitate miraculous healings by calling in Holy Spirit. Francois and I felt strongly guided to travel to Arizona and experience her work, and we realized that we could purchase our plane tickets with frequent flyer miles from our trip to Brazil to see John of God earlier this year
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Already our trip was off to a miraculous start!

The moment we arrived on the grounds of The Little Chapel, we could feel that this was indeed sacred ground. There were about 150 people gathered, and all were expecting a miracle. My eyes teared up as I entered the Chapel and felt the boundless unconditional Love of God. My heart was touched by the statue of Jesus that served as a touchstone, allowing everyone to connect with this tangible presence of Love.

This is the image of Jesus at the front of the Little Chapel.

Can you feel the healing energy of Holy Spirit radiating from it?

Sara O’Meara is about 70 years old, and does not match the image many of us might have of a “Godly” person. She wears lots of makeup, is somewhat overweight and speaks with a Texan accent. It’s funny how we have preconceived ideas about what “holy” should look like.

For more information about Sara O’Meara and The Little Chapel, please visit:

Sara O’Meara The Little Chapel Blog

As the service with Sara progressed, I began to feel nauseous and dizzy, as if I were going to faint. A few people got up to share their healing experiences; one man had been cured of stage four esophageal cancer, and shared that his symptoms had intensified greatly during the service as part of his healing experience. That made me realize that my healing had already begun. Then Sara started calling out various illnesses that God had told her were in the room. There was one woman who had severe pain in her arm that had prevented her from lifting it for years. Sara asked her to lift her arm, and she she not only lifted it, but waved it above her head. People who had been crippled for years stood up and walked pain-free. People who had been told they needed surgery for severe back pain stood up and walked, and Sara encouraged them to re-evaluate their need for surgery with their doctor. Then Sara called out the symptoms that I was hoping to personally receive healing for. At that moment, I found I could not stand up because I was blasted with so much energy, like a powerful waterfall of Love washing over me. I almost passed out, but tried to stay conscious so I could experience the amazing feeling of having so much Love pouring through me and healing me on every level.As this torrent of light washed over me, I let go and let God take all that that I was ready to release, while intending to receive the light. It was mind blowing. The healing continued through the afternoon, and I felt better and lighter than I have for years. I wanted to giggle nonstop, like I had as a young child when I could feel God with me so strongly.

Now, all I have to do is remember this energy of Holy Spirit to connect with it whenever I want. I simply ask, and the presence of Love showers over and through me, eager to help me with whatever I need. It’s as if all the years of forgetting and resisting that connection to God have melted into the light of Holy Spirit.

Even now, I can feel the energy with me as I write. It is a gift that I am so grateful for, and I am also grateful to share with you.

You too can have that connection to unconditional Love, Holy Spirit or God, just by taking a moment to close your eyes and ask Holy Spirit to come and be with you. It just takes a minute, and all you have to do is ask. Go ahead and give it a try!

It may help to take some long, slow, deep breaths to calm the mind so that you can receive this gift. Then sit back and relax your body and your brain, and let go of your to-do list.

Try breathing in Love, and breathing out Peace.

Then you can invoke Holy Spirit by saying, “Come Holy Spirit, Be with Me Now,” or by using I Am statements such as, “I Am One With God,” or “I Am The Light of God.”

Keep it simple so your mind can just savor the words. You can try visualizing a golden light coming down from above and washing through you, clearing out anything that is blocking your connection to the Divine. Let the light release fears of God, resistance to concepts you have about God, doubts that you too can be with God, and even sadness that you have been separated from God. Then let this Light start to fill your heart with the Light of God, until you are totally full of Love.

Just be with your Self for a few moments, and be in this Light and Love.

Allow your Self to notice what happens. I would love to hear your experiences.

Each day, I’m blessed to receive messages from Holy Spirit. Sometimes they come in the form of a ‘sign,’ like when 7 doves land on my deck just as I am connecting with God. Or they might come as an experience of beauty, like the light beaming through the trees, or a radiant flower showing me her grace. These moments are always happening, we just need to slow down, notice and ask for signs of our connection to the Divine.

“The winds of God’s grace are always blowing, it is for us to raise our sails.” ~ Ramakrishna

If you wish to receive messages from the Divine, go ahead and ask for them, and get ready for an amazing journey.

Thank you for being here, and for your presence in the world.


Are you ready to get started?