Connect to Your Truth

So You Can Live An Authentic, Fulfilling, and Joyful Life.

I am a lover of truth, and it brings me great joy to help my clients find their
authentic truth so that it becomes a catalyst for creating their best life.

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Ways to Light Up Your Life

One on One Coaching

Each coaching session includes an intuitive reading, energy healing, and other work that specifically addresses the way your Spirit wants to expand, heal and grow.
Connect to Your Spirit

Nothing But The Truth

Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God: 73 Women on Life’s Transitions This new anthology of essays and art sheds light on all the times along our evolution when changes shake us up and make us who we are.
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True Love Magnet

True Love IS possible. This page is for all Lovers who want to find and experience true love within themselves and with a romantic partner.
True Love Magnet® program
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Spotlight on a Spirit Coach®

Spotlight on a Spirit Coach®

Do you ever feel like you are caring the weight of the entire world on your shoulders?
I do some times and yesterday I realized that the entire world is actually supporting me, my life and all my concerns all the time.

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The Secret’s Out!

The Secret’s Out!

Here we are on the tail end of the winter and can you feel the magic of the spring's expansive energy, building? Life has so much to offer us and when we say a big Huge YES to being in the flow and connected to the energy that pervades everything and everyone one in...

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Take the Plunge!

Take the Plunge!

Wow, what a year this has been already! So much change and it seems like our entire world is going through big shifts both politically and also in our natural world. This can be both scary and exciting for us all. At the beginning of this year in fact, on New Year's...

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