The Secret’s Out!

Mar 10, 2018

Here we are on the tail end of the winter and can you feel the magic of the spring’s expansive energy, building?

Life has so much to offer us and when we say a big Huge YES to being in the flow and connected to the energy that pervades everything and everyone one in our lives, it starts to get really fun.

What could block us from being in this natural magical Flow?

Well, F-E-A-R for starters.. Sometimes it is unconscious sometimes its just straight up obvious anxiety or terror.

Over the new year Francois and I had the blessing of being in Hawaii on the Big Island. We enjoy it there a lot, because the Island seems to synch up and conspire with our intention to learn and grow from all our daily experiences.

One Sunday morning around 8:00 a.m. I received a text and without thinking or listening to my intuition whether I should check out who texted me or not, I just opened up the text. It read,”Emergency Alert! BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII! SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”

Um WHAT!?!?!?!?

This is like an amber alert they send out for earthquakes and is not a joke. So I freaked out for a moment. My mind was yelling,”This is serious! This is happening! You are going to die!” As soon as I realized that, I suddenly heard my angels say,” And who are you really?” In the course of about a minute, I went from FREAK OUT to,” Oh I am going to die and that’s ok because I am with God. I am ready to go. I have lived my purpose and know that I can do nothing about this situation. I let go and started to pray. A huge wave of peace came over me. If this was it, I was ready to become nuclear fall out! LOL

I had no fear, nowhere to go, and I was with my husband. And this was it.

It was such a strange reality and the surprise of the acceptance and calm that came over me, was surreal.

After 45 minutes another text came in saying that it was a false alarm. Whoopsy!

I am grateful for this experience and for the huge wakeup call, for the potential death threat that shook me to my core, and helped me see where I am at turthfully with my life trajectory. This helped me see, that my path with God is solid, even when outside events are turbulent and unstable right now and potentially even life threatning.

So Dear One, if life were to end today are you ready? Have you done what you came here as a Spirit to do? Are you Being the person you want to be? Would you have any regrets of not living your life to the fullest, or not being the kind of person you really want to be?
What needs to change?

I offer these questions of inquiry to help you see exactly who you are, and where you are at on your life path. So often we just get caught up in the doldrums of daily life. Plodding along without realizing, ‘this is it’! This is the life you have been given to make the most of! YOUR TIME IS NOW!
None of us know how long we get to keep living this magical life and each moment is actually precious.

Anything you have put on hold, that you know needs to be at the forefront of your focus now. Anything that you have been delaying because of ….. I encourage you to wholeheartedly say YES to it now.

Are you ready to get started?