Take the Plunge!

Oct 23, 2017

Wow, what a year this has been already! So much change and it seems like our entire world is going through big shifts both politically and also in our natural world.

This can be both scary and exciting for us all.

At the beginning of this year in fact, on New Year’s day I was blessed enough to get to do something that I had been dreaming about since is was very little. I got to actually swim with the spinner dolphins in the wild in the Pacific ocean near The Big Island of Hawaii.
As much as I wanted to have this experience and be in the presence of these amazing beings, I also have a huge fear of water, or shall I say of the open sea. I did not realize the extent of my fear until I jumped into the ocean and was almost paralyzed with fear. I started shaking and hyperventilating out of control. My mind was racing and all my wisdom and energetic tools disappeared. I was in terror. Looking back on it now, it seems quite humorous, but in that moment I was not laughing. Then something quite miraculous happened. The dolphins came. They casually swam by with so much ease and grace that I stopped focusing on my fear and instantly calmed down. They were so at ease in their environment and filled with playfulness. They swam by and looked at me like,”Come on silly, lets go!” So I followed them completely without fear, and totally present and in the moment with them. They were very welcoming of me, and it was like I was a part of their inner circle without any hesitation.

I was blessed to swim with them for hours and my husband, Francois found that we each had a sound that called the dolphins to us. They were so curious when we would make that sound that they could not resist finding us and coming to play around us. It was beyond magical to be in the midst of these intelligent wonderful beings.

As I completed my day with the dolphins I realized this happened on New Year’s day, and typically, whatever I experience on that day, emotionally, Spiritually, mentally tends to set the tone for my year ahead. In fact it is actually a forecast of what is to come.

I was a bit nervous to see what this year was to hold and sure enough it’s brought up similar feelings as the fear that arose before my dolphin experience.

We have had a new president that seems to be rocking the boat of our county beyond its comfort, and into the new awareness of the darkness that has been under the surface of our collective consciousness.

We have had huge catastrophes in the form of the fires in Sonoma, Napa and California, as well as other parts to the world. We have had hurricanes, flooding and many many other global incidents that can really stir up the fear for our survival.
Yet what I have noticed comes with this, is a greater sense of our humanity, and a renewed focus on what really matters. I’ve noticed how people really want to help and support one another, and in our world this is not always obvious. And yet it seems out of these tragedies more Love and understanding of one another comes shining through.

These times are opportunities for us to face our fears and mortality. We become aware that we are not in control, and that we do have the support of others, angels and God, to get us through. If we were not challenged in this way, we would keep playing in the shallow waters of our limited consciousness, and miss out on the true joy that comes from knowing ourselves in a deeper way.

This is a great time for us all to step outside of our comfort zones, jump into the deep end, and reach out a helping hand to others. To focus on being and living a life that reflects the change you wish to see in the world.

Holding our light and Love within our hearts helps the whole of humanity in a huge way that cannot be measured on the outside. But if we commit to being anchored in our Light and Love in the sea of chaos, it changes the world in a profound way.

I have committed this year, to being in my Light no matter what challenges present themselves. And they have. I have been asked to lead a meditation class once a week at The Foundation for Spiritual Development. Francois and I are leading groups though our online course called ‘How to Become a Magnet for Your True Love’. I have to do this with my Light, or it would not happen as my personality is quite shy and I would rather not. LOL.

But the bigger Plan and my purpose here, are calling me… into the deeper waters.

I invite you to commit right now to Your Light. To Living in integrity with what you know is right for you. To share your gifts, talents and abilities without hesitation. If fear arrises it’s ok, keep going. Just like with the dolphins, focus on the joy of opportunity to serve, and offer your gifts now.
This is your time! The world needs You!

Will you join me in this time of change, to saying ‘YES!’ to Life?

Are you ready to get started?