My Transformation with John of God, Divine Mother Mary and Oprah

Dec 13, 2016

 I cannot say that I really got to know Brazil, but I did get the honor of visiting the small town of Abadiania, where the miracle healer John of God (Joao de Deus in Portugese) carries out his mission at his center known as the Casa de Dom Ignacio, known simply as

‘The Casa’.

john-of-godSince 1965, he has dedicated his life to helping millions of people heal diseases ranging from cancer, aids, and blindness to mental and emotional disorders.

He sees up to 3000 people a day.  In the Casa community, Joao de Deus is known as Medium Joao because he doesn’t ‘perform’ healings but acts as a medium incorporating benevolent beings (known as Entities) who do healing work through him.  At the end of the day, Joao himself has no memory of what ‘he’ did, as he is not consciously aware while the Entities conduct their healing work through his body.

The Casa’s appearance is humble; it resembles an elementary school painted blue and white. I was not prepared for the energy I experienced when I arrived there – I immediately felt myself being wrapped in a blanket of unconditional love.  A feeling of sacredness came over me and I could not wait to meditate on the deck that overlooks the beautiful surrounding countryside. I could already feel the many angels and unseen helpers who gather around everyone who arrives at the Casa.  Medium Joao comes to the Casa only three days a week, but the presence of the angels and light beings is always noticeable, and I was immediately aware that communication from my guides had become much clearer.  It was as though they were talking in my ear, whispering instructions and guidance for every action!

I had come to the Casa with very specific healing intentions, and soon after arriving I was eager to let the work begin.  Bright and early Wednesday morning our group arrived at the Casa and entered the main hall where around 500 people were gathering.  I felt nervous waiting in line to go before John of God, having been told that sometimes the Entity that is “in” that day is not the one who has info for you, and you may be asked to come back later in the week to wait in line again.  As I waited in the very long line, I held my intentions close.  I entered the current room where there were hundreds of people meditating, holding the vibration high in support of the healing work. Upon entering, I became aware of some very old, painful layers of energetic armor that surrounded my heart and distorted my energy field .  I took a deep breath in and felt them begin to crack and melt away.  Then I found that I had reached the front of the line and was standing before John of God.  He sat with his eyes shut, slouched over to the side and mumbled to my translator, ‘surgery tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.’  That was it!  Then I was waved through to the Entity room, where mediums of the Casa hold a high vibration so that the Entities can work with people.  I was told to sit on one of the benches, along with about a hundred other people.  Our task was to meditate and send healing energy for the many others who were still coming through the line with their healing requests.

The next day bright and early I was back in line for my psychic surgery with the Entities; Medium Joao himself was not there. I was shown to the surgery room where I sat with many others who were scheduled to have surgery at the same time. Waves of unconditional love washed over us, and my tears began flowing uncontrollably as more layers peeled away.  I became aware of lights, colors and energies moving through me gently and I began to feel a deep sense of humility and awe. This lasted for about 20 minutes, and then we were guided outside to receive our post-surgery instructions. We were told to rest for at least 24 hours and refrain from pork, hot peppers and sexual activity for 40 days. I got in a cab in a completely altered state beyond description or understanding and headed back to my room, wondering if I could rest for that long.  Upon entering my room I noticed that I was really tired and went straight to bed.  I slept for 24 hours, and experienced lots of memories and dreams that were very much connected to my healing requests. The next day I went to lunch and could barely lift my fork.  My teacher Jenai suggested that I head back to bed as I was still fully in my process.  I returned to my room a little disgruntled and concerned that I would miss out on the afternoon meditations at the Casa.

As I lay in bed I traveled between the worlds with my guides, and was glad to be comfortable as this process continued to unfold. Suddenly, a huge brilliant presence appeared beside my bed. I was startled, and yet I felt so much unconditional love and radiant light emanating from this being that I asked, “Who are you?” She replied, “The Divine Mother Mary” – she sounded like the fairy queen from the movie The Lord of the Rings!  I was stunned, but at the same time comforted by her presence.

mother-maryShe proceeded to show me my entire life and all the points where I had lost focus and chosen to disconnect from God.  I saw that at each moment she had been with me, healing and guiding me, and heard her say “I have been with you always.” I began to cry, and she leaned over to touch my forehead and said, “You are now initiated into the Divine Feminine.”  More love and brilliant light washed through me, clearing my heart and healing old karmic wounds. She stayed and talked with me for the rest of the afternoon. We laughed a lot and I was surprised to find her very funny. This experience blew my mind and it is difficult to put into words how very precious and deep it was. I had experienced connecting with my guides before, but never did I feel a presence so strongly as clear and pure Love.  I awoke the next morning renewed, with a soft yet strong confidence in myself knowing that my prayers had been heard and that real healing had happened.  I also felt vulnerable and clear, like a newborn.

Another wonderful experience was my trip to the sacred waterfall a short distance from the Casa.  A presciption from the Entities is required to visit it, and Jenai had obtained  waterfall prescriptions for our entire group of 28 people.  The water is sacred and visits are gender-segregated, unless you get permission to be blessed as a couple there as my husband and I did.  It was such a powerful experience to be part of a group of women holding our intentions strong for healing in the waterfall.  Butterflies landed on us and hummingbirds came to bless us. The land is so vital and the angels are so tangibly present here. One of my intentions was to let go of thoughts that keep me from connecting more deeply with God. As our group sat in silence and prayer waiting for our turn in the waterfall, Jenai started to make the sound of Ahhhhhh to help open our heart chakras.  As all of us began to Ahhhhhhh in unison, I felt the vibration lift.  I began to pray for my intentions to stick so that my connection to the Divine would be stronger.  I asked God for a sign and heard, “Open your eyes!” I did, and right there in front of me was a little rust-colored monkey. That morning I had set the intention to see monkeys in the wild because I had not had this experience before.  As I looked at this monkey my guides said, “You are letting go of your monkey mind,” and the monkey quickly scurried away!  I felt so blessed to have had my prayer heard and answered so instantaneously in this humorous way!  Each day and moment of the trip was filled with miracles, signs, clear guidance and answers to prayers. I have never experienced such potent awesomeness!

One of my other healing requests was for help letting go of judgment towards others and myself, and this really came up a lot for me while I was at the Casa.  Someone would push me or step on my toe while I waited in line, and I would react with irritation or anger. Always however, when I looked at the person I would be shown that they had a handicap and needed to lean on me, or that they had an emotional handicap larger than mine.  I could see their pain on all levels and was shown clearly that my reactions result from my own pain. I don’t have to react this way anymore, since I can now see what’s really going on. This all came to a head when I had severe cramps as a result of my monthly cycle during our visit to the sacred healing waterfall. It started to pour rain and the air felt cold. We were moving through the waterfall at a brisk pace to be respectful of those who were waiting in line behind us. As we were leaving, I was walking slowly because the cramps were getting worse, and an older woman who was waiting to go down to the waterfall saw me and began to shake her pointy finger at me saying, “How dare you take your time! We are all waiting here!” I knew that she was simply reflecting me and all the times I was so impatient with others and did not see how they were suffering. I found I could not even be reactive to this woman because I knew my guides were showing me to ME!

The last time that I went before John of God I was surprised as I came outside, my friend Elizabeth said, “Did you see who was sitting in a medium’s chair in the Entity room?”  It was OPRAH!!! I was excited, but also realized that I had missed my chance to see her. I began to feel bummed, but then I got the message from that higher guidance that is always whispering, that I AM co-creating with Spirit now. I went to meditate and asked my guidance, “If it’s aligned I would love to see Oprah.” I heard “OF COURSE! GO TO THE BACK OF THE CASA AND SIT ON THE BENCH.” My mind wanted to argue, thinking this was not where it was “happening”,  but I knew from my other experiences here to listen! I knew I was being divinely guided, so I went to sit on the exact bench I was shown. Nothing was “happening”, but that still small voice said, “Stay.” Within minutes, a beautiful black man with a very large camera walked over and started to set it up. Then, Oprah came out and sat on a bench about 20 feet away, but it felt like she sat right next to me! Then John of God came out too, and she began to interview him right there! This was so awesome and had I not listened I would have missed this chance of a life time.

oprah-francoisNow I was supposed to receive a healing crystal bed session at 11:30, and it was nearly that time.  My guidance told me to stay, but my mind has this ‘be on time’ rule so I was getting worried. I had also been prescribed the session by John of God, with instructions to receive it before going before the Entity again at 2:00, and the crystal beds were all booked until 2:30. But I heard, “Stay!”, so I did. The interview was over and people began to swarm around her. The next thing I knew my husband Francois was hugging her, but I was not quick enough with my camera. Then I heard my guides say, “Get ready!” I got my camera ready, and Oprah turned to Francois again and said, “Did I get that hug yet?”  This time I was ready, and with a prayer I clicked a picture capturing these two amazing people in an awesome hug, cheek to cheek. The shot is priceless!

Then she came towards me, and I handed my camera to François. She came up to me and I told her, “Thank you for all you do Oprah” and touched her arm, and she smiled and nodded. It was a precious moment, and I am so grateful for this dramatic example of what happens when you follow divine guidance and listen to that still small voice of Spirit, even when it goes against what the mind is saying!

I did get a crystal healing bath at 2:30 and still made it in time see John of God as the line was running late. Funny how it all works out.

The next day I was scheduled to receive another psychic surgery. Upon arriving, I went to the surgery room again to sit in the current of unconditional love and let the entities do their work. Love poured through me and I felt sharp pains throughout my body, then a light touch on my head like a gentle breeze lifting heavy thoughts out of my brain. Then I returned to my room for another 24 hour rest. This time it was not so restful, as the entities were clearing deeper patterns. Memories, past life traumas and lots of other unpleasantries were removed, and I had a headache for about 8 hours. The entities told me that they were working on my antimatter. I asked,”What is antimatter?” They said, “All the parts of your brain that are ‘anti’ anything!” Needless to say it was a big job, and I could see lights flashing in my brain, clearing darkness that had always been there. The dark places were replaced with lights, rainbows and glimmering twinkles – it was a sight to be seen! As the headache escalated and I was about to puke, Dana (another teacher and guide) helped me let go of the last piece that was holding me back.  I began to shift immediately -headache subsided, nausea gone and I slept the night through. The next day I was renewed again!

Early in the morning on the day we were flying home, Francois and I got a couples’ pass to go to the sacred waterfall together. We set our intention to let go of anything that was in the way of us being of more service in the world as a couple.

As we entered the waterfall together, the golden lights and shimmers of the entities clearing us on all levels was divine. As we stepped out of the waterfall, the light from the sun was just beginning to peek through the trees in the shape of a heart, with rainbow rays of light illuminating us both!

I heard, “Go, YOU Are Blessed NOW!”

I have been back home for two months now, and the healing that I experienced has stayed with me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I am so grateful to have spent time in this sacred place, in the presence of this man John of God and all the benevolent light beings who are dedicated to helping humanity heal.

Are you ready to get started?