You too can receive the support of your angels!

Nov 16, 2016

Everyone has access to this light if they choose to connect with it, but we have to ask for it. How do you ask? It’s so easy – you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Here is how: stop and take some slow, deep breaths as you focus on letting go, and let each breath take you deeper into relaxing your body and mind. As you inhale you may visualize breathing in peace, and as you exhale breathe out any stress or tension that you are holding on to. Repeat this a few times to help you become more receptive and ready to receive the light.

When you feel more relaxed, imagine a waterfall of light pouring down from Source. See it cascading down through your body, and all the way to the center of the earth. If you find it difficult to see it or feel this, ask for help. Your angels and guides are always standing by to support you if you will only ask. Your request may be as simple as, “Angels, Help Me Receive The Light/Peace/Love/Help That I Need Right Now.” It can be that easy.

Be patient, and keep breathing. You may want to ask the Light a question, or just ask for help. Stay still, and you may feel a softening in your mind/body or hear an answer to your question. If you don’t feel anything, know that that is okay too. Sometimes the answer or healing is received over time, but it is your willingness to remain open and receptive that will allow it to happen

Healing Orbs and AngelsRecently I attended a very powerful four-day healing retreat. As the retreat progressed, I found my thoughts turning very negative, so negative in fact that I knew I was in the midst of a healing crisis. I left the retreat that night with those negative thoughts swirling, and their volume was turned up so loud that I got even more irritated as the night progressed – it was horrible. Not knowing what else to do, I went to bed and did my best to rest before heading back to the retreat early the next day. When I woke in the morning to find the negativity still there I was ready to panic, but my awareness told me that this was up for clearing once and for all, so I held to my intention and prayed that it be so.

When I arrived at the retreat that day I immediately sat down and went into meditation and prayer. As I asked my guides to help me clear this negativity, I felt a strong, warm presence or light come over me. It was so loving and clear, and it softened my grouchy mind and thoughts. I became aware that those thoughts were not me, but were programming that had come up to be cleared so that I could open to more of who I truly am. This beautiful light not only stayed with me for the rest of the retreat, it followed me home.

Later in the retreat there were some photos shared of participants who had received healing from divine beings that actually showed up as orbs in these photos. Someone had captured the exact moment of my healing. I am the one wearing the pink lei with the big round orb above my head!

I am sharing this photo with you because it is actual evidence of how we are all really supported and we all have so many unseen helpers ready and waiting to help us if we just ask. They are eager to help us grow, heal, CoCreate and connect to God in a more experiential way. All we have to do is ask and be ready and open to receive.

So don’t be shy! Ask for what you need and be ready to receive it.

Are you ready to get started?