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January & February 2019

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OMG!! The most awesome thing happened today!💙🐋🦈🎉🎉 Remember the whale shark we saw on New Years Day!?! Well we found out today that @francoislevannier and I get to name it as we were the first ones to submit photos of this baby whale shark. Each whale shark has its own original spot pattern and with photo documentation Hawaii Uncharted puts the pics in their system to see if this whale shark has been cataloged. Well this one has never been seen before!! The coolest thing is that last year, on New Year’s Day, we were out on Captain Mike Milligan’s boat with @torpedo_tours with Francois Levannier’ Brother Pascal Levannier. We saw our first whale shark ever! It was like seeing a unicorn as whale sharks are endangered. 🐋🦈🦄Unfortunately we did not have the right photos to submit to see if it had been seen before so we dreamed of seeing another whale shark one day and getting to name it. Pascal is a wonderful singer and musician and has written a song called Galactic Beauty. And we told the universe if we ever saw another whale shark we would name it Galactic Beauty! Mike Milligan (the magical captain or Torpedo Tours) has a special gift of spotting exotic and epic sea creatures! He had a dog who was the most extraordinary dog! Scout was his name! Scout would see dolphins, whales and jump off the boat right in to swim with them. Scout was very special and intelligent and unfortunately died last month. We wanted to pay tribute to this amazing being so he lives on! So we have named the baby whale shark, Scout Galactic Beauty! Dreams do come true!! 🐬🦈🦈🐋🐳🐳🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐶💙 Thank You @hawaiiuncharted for helping document theses mystical epic Beings! @babyschackattack 💙 #thankyougod #amazing #whaleshark #dreams #dreamscometrue #mysticalcreatures #omg #cantbelieveit #canbarelystandit #thebigblue #girlswhofreedive #torpedotours #thebigisland #hawaii #aloha #thebigblue #pacificocean

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